Vintage Swarovski

Vintage Beads Swarovski Article 5107 Pagoda Shape - Volcano - Overlapping Rights and Lefts Faceted Glass Beads -8mm
Vintage Swarovski old out of production Article 5107 Pagoda shape Volcano colour faceted glass beads. Silvered backs. Dedicated Rights and Lefts. Stunning colour. They measure 8mm. Original unused condition. There are 8 in the lot - 4 lefts and 4 rights.

Size: 8mm
Price: 14 euro
Stock: 1 set only
14.00 €            

Vintage Swarovski Crystal - Twist Cut Focal/Pendant
Beautiful and unusual vintage Swarovski focal beads/pendants. Twist cut. Topped drilled. They are a clear light topaz to golden yellow - depending upon light filtration. These were purchased from the Delmonico Collection.

Size: 22mm x 14mm
Price: 8 euro each
Stock: 1
8.00 €            

Vintage Swarovski Coral AB Rounds (8mm)
A set of 15 vintage Swarovski faceted crystal rounds in coral, with an AB finish.

Size: 8mm
Price: 10 euro
Stock: 1 set
10.00 €