Pastel Ceramic Bead Set
A set of five handmade ceramic beads in pastel colours. You will receive two blue beads that are approx. 12mm in size and one each of pale green, pale pink and grey, at approx. 15-16mm in size.

These beads may have some slight difference in size and shape due to their handmade nature.

Price: 4.50 euro or the set of 5 beads
4.50 €            

Cream Porcelain Corrugated Round Strand - Birch w/ Speckles (11mm) - Sold
Organic shapes and brilliant colours give these porcelain beads a very unique feel. Each strand is truly one-of-a-kind. Porcelain beads are more durable than ceramic beads because they are baked at a much higher kiln temperature.

Each strand comes interspaced with small black beads.

Sold as a strand of 14 beads. Beading hole is 2.3mm

Size 11mm
Price: 6.50 euro per strand
Stock: Sold

Olive Green Twisted Oval Porcelain Beads (15mm) - Sold
Porcelain beads in a twisted oval shape. They are a nice olive green colour with slightly paler highlights along the edges. The beading hole is approx. 2mm.

Sold as a pack of 10 beads.

Size: approx. 15 x 12mm
Price: 3.80 euro per pack
Stock: Sold

Round Caramel Brown Ceramic Beads (12mm)
Handmade round ceramic beads in a carmel brown colour with a pearlized glaze finish. The beading hole is 2m.

Sold as a pack of 10 beads.

The size /shape may vary ever so slightly from bead to bead, due to them being handmade.

Size: 12mm
Price: 3.80 euro per pack of 10 peads
Stock: 7 packs
3.80 €            

Peruvian Raku Oval Dragon Beads (25mm)
Handmade Peruvian Raku large oval beads, with a dragon motif and highly decorated.The beads are mainly blue and white but some have reds in them too.

Each Raku bead will be different from another because of the process: Each bead is "smoked" in a naturally formed oxygen reduced atmosphere. The oxygen is then drawn out of the beads and the glaze causing the resulting colours, metallic lustres, and crackles associated with Raku pottery. Raku produces extraordinary results which cannot be predicted. The mixture of different temperatures and a broad range of elements make Raku pottery special as each piece is unpredictably unique.

A great focal bead for your ethnic designs.

Size: approx. 25 x 9mm
Holes drilled horizontal with 2.5mm-3mm hole diameter
Price: 3.70 euro each
Stock: 16
3.70 €            

Huge Pink Porcelain Rose Bead (40mm)
Huge porcelain rose bead in semi-matte pink with three matte green leaves. The beading hole runs through the base of the rose, which can be use as a focal or a pendant.

In my experience these beads need a tiny dab of glue at each beading hole (which is approx. 1mm) once you have it positioned, to keep it from turning on the finished piece of jewellery.

Size: approx. 40mm x 18 mm high
Price: 4 euro
Stock: 1
4.00 €            

White Porcelain Rabbit Focal Bead
White Porcelain Rabbit Focal Bead

A cute little white rabbit. Made in porcelain with pink ears, red eyes, yellow feet and bobtail, and gold highlights. Very unusual bead.

Size: 22mm x 20mm x. The beading hole is just a little over 2mm.
Price: 3.50 each
Stock: 1
3.50 €            

Large Porcelain Hand Painted Beads - Set of Four - Green/Yellow Rustic Floral
Large Porcelain Hand Painted Beads - Set of Four - Green/Yellow Rustic Floral

A set of four hand painted porcelain beads in greens and yellows with a floral theme. There are two large ovals, a round and a large tube.

The large tube bead is dark green with yellow flowers, size approx. 20 x 15mm
The round bead is green with yellow flower, size approx. 13 mm
The oval beads are green with yellow flowers and yellow with green leaves and red flowers, size approx. 18 x 15mm

These beads are very rough and rustic due to the fact they they are handmade and hand painted. I think they'd make a lovely rustic bracelet.

Price: 3.50 euro
3.50 €            

Large Ceramic Lantern Beads Set (e)
This is a set of six large ceramic ridged lantern beads. I have six sets but they all came with slightly different colours so I've listed them separately so that you can chose the set you want.

Size: 14 x 12mm
Price: 2.50 per set
Stock: 1 set
2.50 €