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Big Eye Easy Thread Beading Needles - Sold
Made of stainless seel, this needle has a point at both ends and opens in the middle for easy threading. Very flexible and durable.

Fit's MOST bead holes, with the exception maybe of some pearls. Great for making elasticated bracelets easily.

Size: Approx: 125mm x 0.6mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Price: 6 euro per pack of 6
Stock: Temp sold out. Please call back

Zap Gel Jewellery Super Glue - Sold
Zap, jewellery super glue gel.

Size: 10 oz (3 Gram) tube
Price: 4.83 euro per tube
Stock: Temp sold out. Please call back

5919 - Beading Design Board - Sold
You will find that you use your Beading Design Board all the time once you have one. I do. (In fact I have 3 on the go at all times.)

You can lay your beads out and alter them around, without having them roll all over the place. There are three, differently sized sections for planning your piece, 4 corner sections for adding findings, spacers etc, a half moon shape for beads, and a large main shape for the main selection of beads.

Mine get all mixed up in the different places... but enough said about that!!!!)

I promise you, once you've used one, you won't know how you ever did without it.

Price: 6 euro each
Stock: Temp sold out. Please call back.