Looping Pliers for 6mm and 8mm loops.
Looping pliers are excellent for wrapping beads or making eyepins and loops perfect every time. Comfortable foam grip purple handle. Stainless steel jaws. Lapjoint construction.

Overall length: 7 inches
Jaw length: 1 1/2 inches
Tip width: 6mm and 8mm

Price: 14.00
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14.00 €            

Mixed Nose Pliers for 2mm / 3mm / 5mm
Mixed-nose pliers are designed for wirework, chainmaille and cold metal-shaping and bending, used much the same way as standard round-nose pliers, but with an indented jaw on one side to hold the wire secure while you're working. Stainless steel jaws. Lapjoint construction. Comfortable black and white zebra foam grip handles.

Overall length approx. 6 inches
Box joint construction for long-term use
Stepped jaw diameters: 2mm, 3mm and 5mm
Jaw length: 32mm

Price: 18 euro
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18.00 €            

Beadsmith Platinum Series 4.7 inch Side Cutter
4.7 inch (120mm) side cutter by The Beadsmith. Lapjoint/No spring. Extra fine tips. Comfortable grip red handle. Professional jewellers tool. German Craftsmanship

The Beadsmith Platinum series is a premiere quality range of pliers for the professional. Incorporating the finest steel and materials with a European dedication to quality.

Price: 16 euro
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16.00 €            

Beadsmith 5 Inch Side Cutter - Yellow Cushion Grip
5 inch Colour ID (yellow) side cutter by The Beadsmith with polished steel head yellow cushion grip and double leaf spring for smooth operation. Lapjoint construction.

Price: 8.95 euro
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8.95 €            

Split Ring Plier - Black Foam Grip - Sold
Split Ring Plier 5.5 with comfortable black foam grip. Box joint construction.
Pro quality.

Price: 10.80 euro
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