Pliers Sets

Ergonometric 5 Piece Plier Set
Includes: 5 inch Chain Nose, 5 inch Round Nose, 5 inch Flat Nose, 5 inch Bent Chain Nose & Cutter and 5 inch Semi-flush Side Cutter.

Additional features: � Polished steel head � Double-leaf spring for smooth operation � Ergonomic handle � Lap joint construction

This set doesn't come in it's own case. It arrives packaged in a card and plastic packet, as in the 3 piece plier set below.

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25.57 €            

6 piece Pink Camouflage Gun Handle Tool Set
6 piece Pink Camouflage Gun Handle Tool Set.

Features Gun Handle Grip to maximise contour, comfort and leverage.

The set includes Chainnose, Roundnose, Flatnose, Cutter, Tweezer and Bead Reamer.

Pliers feature double leaf spring, slip resistant matte finish grip, polished steel heads and box joint construction.

Price: 59.99 euro
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59.99 €            

Beaders Tool Set - Sold
A beautiful clutch in light olive containing everything you need for beading. There are 8 tools inside which are colour co-ordinated with light olive handles.

Consists of chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, flat nose pliers, nylon jaw flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, side cutter, knotting tweezers and split ring tweezers.

Pro quality.

Price: 38 euro
Stock: Sold