Bamboo Coral Chunky Barrel Beads (15 -22mm)

Bamboo Coral chunky and rustic barrel shaped beads. A set of 15 large coral beads that have been hand cut, and then tumbled to take away any sharp edges. Highly polished.

They range in size from 15x10mm to 22x15mm. Due to the fact that they are hand cut, they are not completely uniform in size and shape.

Sold as a set of 15 beads. You get the exact beads that you see in the photos.

Price: 7 euro
Stock: 1 set
7.00 €            

Yellow/Green Top Drilled Pearls
An 8 1/2 inch strand of yellow/green top drilled pearls.

You get the exact strand that you see in the photos.

Size approx. 10 x 6 mm (largest ) to 5 x 5mm (smallest)
Price: 4 euro
Stock: 1 strand
4.00 €            

White Freshwater Button Pearls (6mm)
These beautiful white, freshwater pearls, are round, but flattened somewhat at each end, which is why they are called Buttons, although in normal bead terms they would be called rondelles.

They are Grade A.

Size: 6mm
Price: 12 euro per 15 " strand
Stock: 2 strands
12.00 €            

Freshwater Pearls - Light Butterscotch - Small Oval Rice Pearls ( 7mm)
Freshwater Pearls - Light Butterscotch - Small Oval Rice Pearls ( 7mm)

Tiny little oval rice shaped freshwater pearls in a light butterscotch colour. They are approx. 7 x 4mm in size., and come as a 16 inch strand.

Size: approx. 7 x 4mm
Price: 6 euro
Stock: 1 strand
6.00 €            

White Freshwater Pearls (8 - 9mm) - Grade A
White Freshwater Pearls (8 - 9mm) - Grade A

Beautiful White Freshwater Pearls.
Grade A
Sold by the 14" strand.

Size: approx. 8 - 9mm
Price: 10.66 euro per strand
Stock: 1 Strands
10.66 €            

Vintage Gold Lip Shell Disc
There are 4 of these vintage shell discs, made in the 1950's. Each is slightly different from the other (as they would be!) in colour, tone and nacre.

They would make great pendants.

Size: 40mm
Price: 1 euro each
Stock: Only one left now. The exact one that you see in the photo's.
1.00 €            

Floral Shell Pendant
This is a large circular off white shell pendant with red roses/green leaves and bluebells.

The reverse is plain shell.

The whiteness you see in the centre is the light from my lamp as I was taking the photo's so I've taken another one, from a not so great angle, so that you can see there is no whiteness on the actual pendant. Click on the thumbnail to see.

Price: 3 euro
Stock: 1
3.00 €