All Sorts of Everything

Natural Moonstone Faceted Round Beads (10mm)
Natural Moonstone faceted round beads in all of the creamy Moonstone colours from grey through cream to brown. A really nice bead.

Sold as a 15 1/2 inch strand of 40 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 17.54 euro per strand
Stock: 3 strands
17.54 €            

Natural Citrine Nuggets - Sold
Natural, untreated Citrine nuggets with smoothed edges in a wonderful golden yellow. The nuggets range from approx. 4 - 9mm wide, 5 - 11mm long and 3 - 9mm thick. The beading hole is 0.5 - 1mm in size.

Length of strand is approx. 16 inches and there are approx. 48 beads to the strand.

Price: 7.50 euro per strand
Stock: Sold

Hematite Round Bead Strand (10mm)
A strand of beautiful 10mm round Hematite beads with a wonderful smooth polish and shine.

An average of 43 beads per strand.

Size: 10mm
Price: 8 euro per strand.
Stock: 1 strand
8.00 €            

Green Agate Hand Cut Oblong Beads (11mm) - (B)
These Green Agate oblong beads were hand cut in India, with a twist to the cut. Ranging in colour from cream through to rust and highly polished.

Due to the fact that they are hand cut and shaped, there are variances to the size and shape, although they are a set.

Sold as a 7 1/2 inch strand of 19 beads. You get the exact strand that you see in the photos.

Size: approx. 11 x 6mm (largest) to 10 x 6mm (smallest)
Price: 4 euro
Stock: 1 strand
4.00 €            

Lapis Lazuli Barrel Beads (13mm) - Sold
Dark blue Lapis Lazuli barrel shapped beads. Sold as a 16 inch strand of approx. 30 beads.

Size: 13 x 10mm
Price: 14 euro per strand
Stock: Sold
14.00 €            

Blue Agate Round Beads (10mm)
Blue Agate round beads varying in colour from dark blue to aqua blue to pale blue with striations of white.

The beads are natural Agate, although they have been dyed to enhance the colour.

Sold as a 15 inch strand of approx. 38 beads per strand.

Size: 10mm
Price: 10.50 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
10.50 €            

Garnet Tiny Nugget Bead Strand - Garnet Gemstones
Garnet Tiny Nugget Bead Strand - Garnet Gemstones

A 32 inch long strand of tiny Garnet gemstone nuggets in a deep rich red. The nuggets are approx 3 - 4mm in size.

Price: 9 euro
Stock: 1 strand
9.00 €            

Pale Yellow Pineapple Quartz Oval Tabular Beads
Pale Yellow Pineapple Quartz Oval Tabular Beads.

Pineapple Quartz oval tabular gemstone beads. These beads are clear, with cloudy and opalescent streaks of pineapple yellow within them.

There are 10 beads to a strand, each measuring approx. 18mm long x 13mm wide x 4mm thick (1mm hole), though some might be slightly larger or smaller.

These beads were hand cut, therefore there may be slight imperfections in shape, size and colour.

Size: 18 x 13 x 4mm
Price: 8.50 euro per strand
Stock: 4 strands
8.50 €