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Tiger Eye Bead Strand (10mm) - Grade A - Gemstones 🔎zoom Description This listing is for a 12-inch strand of Grade A Tiger Eye semi-precious gems
This listing is for a 12-inch strand of Grade A Tiger Eye semi-precious gemstone beads.

The beads are 10mm rounds in a beautiful brown. They are very highly polished with iridescent flashes around that give them the name Tiger Eye.

A really lovely quality bead. Sold as a 12-inch strand of 30 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 8 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
8.00 €            

Peach Aventurine Pillow Beads x 10 (15mm) - Gemstones
This listing is for a set of 10 Peach Aventurine pillow beads, ranging in color from pale creamy peach through to darker normal peach. Some of the beads have slight inclusions and lines. You get the exact set that you see in the photographs.

Size: approx. 15 x 7mm
Price: 5 euro
5.00 €            

Denim Lapis Pillow Beads (14mm)
These denim lapis beads are a combination of bright royal blue and grayish white and are dotted with small but noticeable flecks of golden pyrite. They are natural and untreated.

Sold as a pack of 12 beads

Size: 14 x 10mm
Price: 8.40 euro
Stock: 1 pack

The mineral lazurite is the main component of lapis (also known as lapis lazuli) and accounts for the stones intense blue color, although lapis also contains pyrite and calcite, and usually some sodalite and hauyne as well. Denim lapis is the trade name for specimens of lapis that have a paler blue color due to a high concentration of white calcite.
8.40 €            

Blue Haze Fire Agate Round Beads (10mm)
Natural Agate is typically white or light grey with opaque swirling patterns and a lot of translucency. This is natural Agate that has been dyed and heat treated to give this color and crackled effect.

The beads are a mix of stunning pale blues and browns.

Sold as a 15-inch strand of 36 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 12.80 euro
Stock: 1 strand
12.80 €            

Black Gold Amazonite Horse Eye Beads (20mm)
These Black Gold Amazonite beads are gorgeous!

Amazonite, with its blue-green beauty, has been one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones for as long as we can remember. And then, along came this beauty - the amazonite we all know and love with streaks of black tourmaline and the occasional fleck of shining pyrite.

This listing is for 20 pieces of horse-eye shaped, natural, untreated beads. It is the equivalent of a 16-inch strand (but the string broke). You get the exact beads that you see in the photos.

Size: 20 x 11mm
Price: 18 euro
Stock: 1 lot
18.00 €            

Malachite Round Beads (10mm)
A 15 1/2 inch strand of 10mm round Malachite beads. There are approx. 40 beads to the strand. These beads have been dyed to enhance the colour.

Size: 10mm
Price: 4.50 euro per strand.
Stock: 1 strand
4.50 €            

Black Onyx Star Cut Round Strand (12mm)
A 16-inch strand of beautiful black onyx beads which are round, but with star cut facets. There are 36 beads to the strand. Great colour, polish, and consistency.

Nearly all black onyx beads on the market today, including these, are colour enhanced. This centuries-old process creates a permanent, consistent black colour and does not reduce the value of the beads.

Size: 12mm
Price: 15.50
Stock: 1 strand
15.50 €            

Chrysoprase Rice Beads (12mm) - Natural - Hand Cut
These Chrysoprase beads are a cheery apple green colour with inclusions of black. The name Chrysoprase is derived from the Greek words chrysos and prase meaning green leek.

This listing is for a set of 32 rice grain shaped beads. They are natural, untreated and hand cut, so you may see small imperfections.

Chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable variety of Chalcedony.

Size: 12 x 5mm
Price: 9.80 euro
Stock: 1 set
9.80 €            

Kyanite Natural Sliver Pendant (43mm)
This rustic pendant is made from a sliver of natural, untreated Kyanite. It is a lovely pearlescent light blue with an undertone of grey with interesting pale brown inclusions.

Because of the way that kyanite crystals are formed, these gemstone beads possess an internal woodgrain-like striation that causes the stone to shimmer from within like fish skin.

A truly unique pendant .

Size: 43 x 13 x 4mm
Price: 8 euro
Stuck: Just the one
8.00 €            

Natural Sodalite Large Ovals (30mm) - Full Strand
A 16 inch strand of large oval, natural untreated Sodalite beads in a lovely dark blue. There are 12 beads to a strand.

Size: 30 x 10mm
Price: 16 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
16.00 €            

Natural Moonstone Faceted Round Beads (10mm)
Natural Moonstone faceted round beads in all of the creamy Moonstone colours from grey through cream to brown. A really nice bead.

Sold as a 15 1/2 inch strand of 40 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 17.54 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
17.54 €            

Hematite Round Bead Strand (10mm)
A strand of beautiful 10mm round Hematite beads with a wonderful smooth polish and shine.

An average of 43 beads per strand.

Size: 10mm
Price: 8 euro per strand.
Stock: 1 strand
8.00 €            

Pale Yellow Pineapple Quartz Oval Tabular Beads
Pale Yellow Pineapple Quartz Oval Tabular Beads.

Pineapple Quartz oval tabular gemstone beads. These beads are clear, with cloudy and opalescent streaks of pineapple yellow within them.

There are 10 beads to a strand, each measuring approx. 18mm long x 13mm wide x 4mm thick (1mm hole), though some might be slightly larger or smaller.

These beads were hand cut, therefore there may be slight imperfections in shape, size and colour.

Size: 18 x 13 x 4mm
Price: 8.50 euro per strand
Stock: 4 strands
8.50 €