Cyan Blue Agate Faceted Round Beads (10mm)
Cyan blue crackled agate faceted round beads with beautiful veining within. These beads range in colour through light to dark cyan blue.

Sold as a 14 inch strand of 37 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 8.50 euro per strand
Stock: 4 strands
8.50 €            

Pale Yellow Pineapple Quartz Oval Tabular Beads
Pineapple Quartz oval tabular gemstone beads. These beads are clear, with cloudy and opalescent streaks of pineapple yellow within them.

There are 20 beads to a strand, each measuring approx. 18mm long x 13mm wide x 4mm thick (1mm hole), though some might be slightly larger or smaller.

These beads were hand cut, therefore there may be slight imperfections in shape, size and colour.

Size: 18 x 13 x 4mm
Price: 8.50 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
8.50 €            

Natural Rhyolite Jasper Round Beads (10mm)
This listing is for a 7 1/2 inch strand of natural, untreated Rhyolite Jasper round beads. The beads range through the browns and greens with wonderful markings.

There are 19 beads to the strand.

Size 10mm
Price: 7.80 euro per strand
Stock: 2 strands
7.80 €            

Tiny Moonstone Spike Charm with Electroplated Silver Cap and Bail
A tiny faceted Moonstone charm in the shape of a little spike with an electroplated silver cap and bail.

Sold singly.

Two would make a lovely pair of earrings, so if you decide to buy two I will match them up for you. There are five available in total.

Size: approx. 15mm including bail loop.
Price: 3.50 euro each
Stock: 3
3.50 €            

Malachite Round Beads (10mm)
A 15 1/2 inch strand of 10mm round Malachite beads. There are approx. 40 beads to the strand. These beads have been dyed to enhance the colour.

Size: 10mm
Price: 4.50 euro per strand.
Stock: 1 strand
4.50 €            

Blue Haze Fire Agate Round Beads (10mm)
Natural Agate is typically white or light grey with opaque swirling patterns and a lot of translucency. This is natural Agate that has been dyed and heat treated to give this color and crackled effect.

The beads are a mix of stunning pale blues and browns.

Sold as a 15-inch strand of 36 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 12.80 euro
Stock: 5 strands
12.80 €            

Natural Moonstone Faceted Round Beads (10mm)
Natural Moonstone faceted round beads in all of the creamy Moonstone colours from grey through cream to brown. A really nice bead.

Sold as a 15 1/2 inch strand of 40 beads.

Size: 10mm
Price: 17.54 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
17.54 €            

Denim Lapis Pillow Beads (14mm)
These denim lapis beads are a combination of bright royal blue and grayish white and are dotted with small but noticeable flecks of golden pyrite. They are natural and untreated.

Sold as a pack of 12 beads

Size: 14 x 10mm
Price: 8.40 euro
Stock: 1 pack

The mineral lazurite is the main component of lapis (also known as lapis lazuli) and accounts for the stones intense blue color, although lapis also contains pyrite and calcite, and usually some sodalite and hauyne as well. Denim lapis is the trade name for specimens of lapis that have a paler blue color due to a high concentration of white calcite.
8.40 €            

Hematite Round Bead Strand (10mm)
A strand of beautiful 10mm round Hematite beads with a wonderful smooth polish and shine.

An average of 43 beads per strand.

Size: 10mm
Price: 8 euro per strand.
Stock: 2 strands
8.00 €            

Natural Sodalite Large Ovals (30mm) - Full Strand
A 16 inch strand of large oval, natural untreated Sodalite beads in a lovely dark blue. There are 12 beads to a strand.

Size: 30 x 10mm
Price: 16 euro per strand
Stock: 1 strand
16.00 €            

Natural Rose Quartz Round Beads (8mm) - Full Strand
A 15-inch strand of natural Rose Quartz round 8mm beads. There are 48 beads to the strand.

Size: 8mm
Price: 5.50 euro per strand
Stock: 4 strands
5.50 €            

Amethyst Polished Rectangular Top Drilled Sticks - Set of Seven
A set of seven natural Amethyst gemstone sticks. They are roughly cut into an elongated stick shape and are highly polished. In a lovely pale shade of purple with white and clear and some brown inclusions.

The beading hole in these runs from side to side at the top.

You get the exact seven gemstones that you see in the photos.

Size: Graduating in size from approx. 53mm x 11mm (largest) and 35mm x 11mm (smallest)
Price: 10 euro
10.00 €            

Natural Raw Amethyst Large Chunks (20-30mm) - Rustic Amethyst Gemstones
A strand of seven very large, raw Amethyst roughly hand cut chunks. The sizes range from approx. 20mm to 30mm.

Absolutely beautiful. Natural and untreated. You get the exact strand that you see in the photos.

Lovely large chunks for your rustic designs.

Size: approx. 20mm -30mm (Please note due to the hand cut and rustic nature of these beads, sizes, and shapes will differ from bead to bead)
Price: 8 euro
Stock: 3 strands
8.00 €            

Ruby Jade Faceted Rondelle Gemstone Beads (8mm)
This listing is for a full 15-inch strand of Ruby Jade faceted rondelles. There are approx. 90 beautiful beads to the strand. The beads are 8mm x 5mm.

Size: 8mm x 5mm
Price: 18 euro per full strand
Stock: 3 strands
18.00 €            

Natural Spring Jade Beads (8 mm) - Honey Coloured Mix - Sold
Natural Spring Jade 8mm round beads with a fabulous colour range, which is mainly honey, but in different depths of colour ranging from dark through to almost white.

A stunning and versatile Jade that works well with many different colours and tones of beads in your design.

Sold as a 15.5-inch strand of approx 8 - 8.5mm beads with approx. 46 beads to the strand. The beading hole is approx. 1.2mm

Size: 8mm - 8.5mm
Price: 6 euro per strand
Stock: Sold

Natural Taiwan Jade Beads (12mm) - Olive Green Jade
A 15-inch strand of semi-matte Taiwan Jade round beads. They are a lovely olive green colour, and apart from a small amount of polishing, they are natural and untreated. There are 34 beads to the strand.

The beading hole is 1mm.

Size: 12mm
Price: 11.50 euro per strand
Stock: 2 strands
11.50 €