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Mon 9 January 2017 - Number Four and His Ear

Today I have had to work on tiny little Number Four's ear. I don't know quite what he's done, but I noticed that his right ear was drooping down. When I checked it, it was swollen full with liquid, which I thought was pus, half way down and to the tip of the ear.

I could see a small pinpoint which made me think that perhaps a grain of grass or straw had gone into the skin on the outside of his ear. However, when I pricked it with a syringe it was a clear liquid which shot out.

I managed to drain all the fluid, and hopefully whatever it was came out with the that. I gave him a little shot of penicillin, so hopefully it will clear up fast.

The only problem is, that I had a similar problem with a different lamb some years ago, and no matter how often I cleared the muck out, it kept filling up again. Even the vet couldn't clear it. Apparently it happens sometime in that particular part of the ear.

So I hope little Number Four won't have the same problem. He has had enough problems in his short little life so far, what with being paralysed when born, and now his little legs don't grow.

23 October - Girleen

Girleen was brought here by a friend of mine. She had lived in a shed in the semi dark all her life. As you can see she is enjoying her new life. Too old for eggs though. Who cares? Not me...

23 October 2016 - Number Four

Yes. Number Four is this little man's name. He had the number sprayed onto his back with blue paint when the farmer brought hime tome. He was paralysed from the neck down. But he's good now, after a lot of medicine and physiotherapy.

23 October 2016 - Number Four

5 September 2016 - Sheree

Sheree the Sheep, with Patch in the background.

21 August - A Poem I Read Today

Saved from

August 2016 - Swallow Chicks - A

August 2016 Swallow Chicks - B

26 July - A Walk Down The Lanes With Sue and Sam

What a night last night was. We had high winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening. This morning hasn’t been much better. Dark and grey with rain. But the rain has just stopped and the sun has come out. Do you fancy a walk down the lanes with me and Sam? We need to do something to get inspired and start our creative juices flowing again.

Come on – lets go...

I love this walk. It won’t take us very long, but it’s peaceful and you can think about things while you’re walking.

The lanes and hedgerows are full of beautiful plants and flowers at this time of the year. I thank goodness for whoever had the foresight to plant Olearia around the fields. It’s a shrub that survives well on windy sites. People use it a lot at the seaside because of the wind and tides. It survives salt winds well too you see. I have to say that I’m surprised to see it used in the countryside of Ireland. I don’t know whether they use it in parts of the country. Do you? But I love it. It looks pretty with it's white flowers, is a great wind break and oh what a gorgeous smell in the air.

Can you smell the lovely sweetness of it in the air everywhere we’re walking?

And look at this gateway to the field with the Olearia on either side.

What with the Olearia and the wild Fuchsia hedges the lanes are a picture aren’t they?

Look at this. Wild cornflowers in the hedgerow. There are violet leaves there too. They were lovely when they were in flower earlier on but they’ve finished now, but see the little heart shaped leaves above the cornflowers. The ferns are lovely too aren’t they?

This gate here is one I stop and look over a lot. It’s set into the stone wall and has great views over the countryside. The brambles have grown over it a bit for the moment so you won’t be able to get near enough to lean on it. As we walk along we pass another farmhouse like mine, and fields with sheep and their lambs, and oh look, Tony has put cows into this field. They are standing looking at us as we walk by. Cows are notoriously nosy. Did you know that if you went into a field of cows and lay down in the grass, they would all come and stand round you and look at you with great interest. Please don’t try this if there’s a bull in the field!

Now we are at Tony’s farm, and I think that’s far enough. Shall we turn round and go back. You’re looking a bit tired. How far have we walked? Not far. Only about a mile, but we have to walk it back before it starts raining again. Come on Sam, come on you.

So here we are, coming around the bend alongside my fields. Did you enjoy that? Do you feel inspired now? Ready to start making jewellery again ? I do. I have an idea for some swallow earrings. Look at the little guys flying across the fields. Two adults and three youngsters.

Here we are. Back home. Lets have a nice cup of coffee now, before we get back to work. I have to make those earrings and write a proper newsletter about new stock in for Amazing Beads (www.amazingbeads.net) and Swanky Jewels (www.swankyjewels.net) . What have you got to do?

17 June - A Hot Cup of Java Lava with Sue and Ben and Amazing Beads

Hi Everyone,

Good Afternoon,

I'm a bit delayed today. I was going to write you a proper newsletter but I was so busy with photography I didn't get time, so that will have to wait until next week.

But please do come in and have a quick cup of coffee with me and Ben. I haven't shown you little Benny before. He was small like Roisin, but he has survived where Roisin didn't. He's still tinier than the others, but I feel confident enough in his ability to survive to let him join us while we have our coffee.

Oh no, he can't have coffee, but he can have a bottle of warm milk.

Of course, pendants can be focals too, don't forget that.and if you don't make your own jewellery, but would like me to make something starting with a focal bead that you may see on site, do give me a shout.

So Ben has finished his bottle, and we have finished our coffee break, and it's time for me to get back to work - you too!

Don't forget to peruse www.amazingbeads.net to be inspired by new focals, and beads to use with them, then go and design something nice.

And if you enjoyed your cup of coffee with me and little Benny I'd love it if you shared the experience with your friends.

Happy Beading,


9 June - Coffee Break with Lupins

So today I have some repairs to do (nothing of mine that's broken thank goodness), and some photography of new items for Amazing Beads and Swanky Jewels, and the listing them on site later on.

I've answered all my emails, and I've packed all my orders and sent them to the post office with Andy, and before I start work again, I'm having a cup of coffee. Would you like to join me? How do you take it? Strong with no sugar, the same as me. Great.

Come and sit with me on the doorstep and drink it.

I love sitting here on the doorstep on a sunny day. It's so peaceful isn't it? Listen to the birds. There are so many different bird sounds. There's robin, and the blackbirds have such a lovely cheerful song. Yesterday the cuckoo was around, but I can't hear him today . Maybe he'll be around later.

The bee's are buzzing like mad around the climbing hydrangea there on the right hand wall of the house. It's growing well this year. It's halfway up the house on that side. I'm going to have to start trimming it away from the windows soon. The flowers are starting to appear, and look at that little climbing rose I planted to grow through it. The buds are there but it won't flower for a while yet. When it does the roses smell fantastic and the smell hits you each time you walk in and out of the front door.

The yellow poppies are what are attracting the bees and other insects of course. They seed everywhere and they are one of the first plants to flower, and they carry on throughout the whole of the summer and into the autumn.

But look across to the sheds. The stone walls I built and filled with flowers and climbers to hide the sheds are really working well. Look at the lupins! Have you ever seen anything so pretty? The different shades of pinks and purples is something to make your heart glad. Some lupins have the whites inside the flowers, some have a darker pink or purple. The yellow poppies are flowering away of course, to the left, in the old stone sink, and the russian vine is doing it's job of covering the shed, very well.

Behind those lupins there is a climbing rose, 'Dublin Bay', which my friend Barb gave me, and there's a beautiful clematis in bud too. That should be flowering in another week. Won't it look stunning behind the lupins?

Oh no, that's coffee break over my friend. Time flies. Why don't you call by again sometime, and we'll view some other nice things, and listen to some other lovely sounds ?

In the meantime, take the memories of the insects, bees, birds and lupins with you on your way. Enjoy your day!

Connor- The Old Boy in the Yard

31 August - Vincent

31st August - Kim

31 August - Sunday Morning Musings with a Cup of Hot Java Lava...

What a lovely day.

They were right when they said that summer was coming back for a while, so lets take our morning coffee out to the garden and see what's going on .

The garden is looking past it's best now, but still so nice and lush. There's a lot of weeding to be done, but we ignore all that and just sit in the sun listening to the gentle hum of the bees, and look at those butterflies flitting around. Not a care in the world, and neither have we at this second.

Look at that young robin over there. He's chattering away to us. I wonder what he's trying to say? Probably that there's a lot of good healthy insects to be had at this time of the year, especially after the recent rains.

Behind us in the stream garden there are chaffinches, and when we look up to the telephone wires high up across in the line, we see the swallows with their young, all sitting in a long row. I bet they're watching us, as we are watching them.

Further along on the wires above the commonage across the lane, there is another long row of birds. This line is the starlings. Some people would think of their chatter as noisy, but I love it. To me the sound of any bird is glorious.

When we lived in Cornwall, before we moved here to Ireland, the people who lived in the mill across the valley, kept peacocks. What a fantastic sound they made. There were people who complained about the racket though. But not us.

Lets have a walk around the pond before we go in to make a second cup of coffee. Pye goose is swimming around with the ducks and really enjoying himself. They are all dabbling and ducking and diving. What fun.

See the water boatmen there skating about on top of the water. Fascinating, and oh my look at that beautiful blue dragonfly that just passed by on his travels.

Lovely, lovely sunny day. Enough of my ramblings. Time for more coffee and a bit of work now.

Wednesday 28 August - My Office Area

What an absolutely miserable day today. I don't even feel like many any jewellery. It's chucking down with rain, the wind is howling and it's been dark all day long. Yuck!

So the other day I had a huge tidy up in my studio/office. Here's a couple of photo's of my desk and office corner looking organised (for me that is...). You may never see it like this again.

I'm sorry they aren't better photo's. I'm used to taking photo's of tiny things (beads) not big things.

Sunday 22 June

So today, I thought I'd show you some photo's of my stream garden (and a few of the ducks). Just scroll down to view...

Saturday 25 May 2014

I've had a really good today. It didn't start out so good when I woke up and looked at the grey day and all the rain. However, although the sun never came out, it did get a bit drier except for a few showers here and there.

One of the highlights was seeing a beautiful heron standing at the side of our pond. He was looking for fish of course, but although he wouldn't find any in our pond because it's free flowing both in and out, he may well have found some frogs to eat. He was too far away to get a photo, and I don't imagine he would have let me get near enough anyway, but what a joy to see.

* * * * *

So because of the weather, I decided to tidy up my beading desk. Tidy up is probably too tame to use to describe what I had to do. When I work, I go from one finished project to the next new project in my head, without putting anything away. I always say I will clear my desk after every piece I make, but it never happens.

I had so many beading boards piled up, all being full of discarded beads and findings that I had to have several strong coffees to keep me going while I put all of the individual beads into the correct boxes. Mind you - it's therapeutic - in it's own way.

Then I had to get down to putting the tools back in their places etc etc.

The outcome, after I'd put a new, clean tablecloth on my desk, and positioned everything back where I like it, was so inspiring that I went on to make two bracelets and a pair of earrings.

* * * * *

Also during the day I had to go and clean up ('dag' in sheepy terms) Alice, my oldest sheep, who has had a bit of a tummy ache over the past couple of days because she broke into the chicken pen and ate two bowls of their food.

She's lucky she didn't kill herself because chicken food is very bad for sheep, but since she didn't (kill herself) I told her firmly, that she deserved every bit of tummy ache and the resulting medications I had to give her.

* * * * *

So this evening, after the Etsy Ireland Team online meeting, I am going to relax. Well that's that idea anyway.